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Mystery, Columbine, Marine Corps, High School, Police, White Supremacist, Detective,
Football, Addiction, Crime, Suspense, Murder, Blackmail, Conspiracy, Detective, Drugs

The Lady In Black

In 1862, a young newlywed is executed for treason trying to free her husband, a Confederate cavalry officer, from an island prisoner of war camp in Boston Harbor. For years after, soldiers and later tourists swear they have seen a Lady in Black robes wandering the fortress in search of her dead husband, who accidently died by her own hand during the escape attempt. In present times, when a teacher is murdered while taking his history class on a field trip to the old fort, now a national historical monument, witnesses claim to have seen a mysterious person in black near the murder scene. Investigation of the murder falls to the Massachusetts State Police and a veteran detective who is recovering from an opioid addiction and concealing a dark secret which drives him to seek psychological help. The search for the killer leads the detective and his female partner to discover a plot by a Mexican cartel to use the island fortress as a distribution point to flood the American Northeast with counterfeit opioids. Skeptical of ghost stories, the detective, Vince Magliore, nevertheless encounters some inexplicable events while on the island fortress, and in a gun battle with cartel operatives, may have been saved by the intervention of a shadowy apparition. Urged by his psychologist, Magliore travels back to California to confess to his old boss, the chief of his former police department, the secret he has been hiding. The chief's response to Magliore's confession is totally unexpected.



The Final Word and Murder at Fort Revere

Infusino writes a consistent 5 stars across the board with both of his books - "Incredible story" - "Excellent Read!" - "Gripping" - "Well written"

The Final Word -

Set in Pacific City, a fictional southern California town nationally recognized for its safety. A promiscuous teenager is murdered: suspects include a respected football coach, family members, an escaped convict and a high school student planning to replicate the Columbine massacre. A white supremacist group within the police department intent on furthering its racist agenda inhibits the investigation, led by a former Marine hero. The murdered girl was seeing a therapist for treatment of a sex addiction. Her promiscuity, revealed in her diary and exposed on a homemade sex tape, led to her murder. The lead detective on the case, a widower, falls in love with one of his subordinates who, unknown to him, an undercover FBI agent is sent to investigate the racist cops in the department. Their budding relationship is derailed when she is slain by one of the racist cops leading him to exact revenge outside of the justice system in a manner reminiscent of how he gained Marine Corps fame as "The Ghost." This debut novel, The Final Word by Frank J. Infusino Jr.  is sure to keep the pages turning. Frank is a former Marine Captain with service in Vietnam. Frank also served as a teacher, high school principal and public school superintendent in southern California for many years.


Keywords: Mystery, Columbine, High School, Marine Corps, Pacific, Police, White Supremacist, Detective, Football Coach, Addiction


Murder at Fort Revere -

California homicide detective Vince Magliore returns to his hometown of Hull, Massachusetts for some rest and relaxation. He's on medical leave for wounds sustained in a shootout with a deranged LA cop intent on killing other cops as payback for having been fired. Magliore, hooked on prescription painkillers, is dealing with personal demons as well as physical pain. During the takedown of the rogue cop, he committed an act contrary to his oath of honor as a law enforcement officer. His hopes for a quiet thoughtful recuperation in his sleepy childhood hometown are dashed when he becomes embroiled in a blackmail scheme, child abuse, the murder of two former classmates and an international human trafficking conspiracy which places him in the crosshairs of ruthless cartel thugs. The odyssey of blackmail and murder begins with the discovery of the body of a Roman Catholic priest whose reckless behavior yields many suspects from irate boyfriends and husbands to parents who suspect he may have molested their children. Bodies fall as the killers are discovered and an unexpected individual exacts revenge.


Keywords: Crime, Suspense, Murder, Blackmail, Conspiracy, Revenge, Cartel, Detective, Abuse, Drugs


Frank is a former Marine Captain with service in Vietnam. He had a thirty-seven year career in education before turning to writing. He served as a teacher, high school principal and public school superintendent in California.

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